Friday, April 25, 2014

Louisville Wedding Photographer | Megan & Nick's Southern Wedding

It never fails that when I leave a wedding I usually crank up my favorite songs to car dance to… I go into my house, and even though I've worked 12+ hours and my entire body aches, I can't go to sleep until I pull all the images up on my computer and relive the magic of the day. 

Megan opted to prepare for the biggest day of her life at the home she shares with her now husband, Nick. I loved all the light and the colors. All of her bridesmaids were there sharing mimosas and strawberries.

The lovely maid of honor was there to help Megan get into her vintage inspired lace wedding gown. I love Megan's attention to detail… 

This lucky girl even had a special scent that her future hubby picked out with her for their special day.

All the bridesmaids in their blush colored spring dresses were so excited to see the bride in her dress. 

The site for the reception was Mellwood Art Center close to downtown Louisville. This is an awesome venue that I've photographed many times. I love it's potential to be easily transformed to suit the varying wedding themes. For this wedding, there were plenty of southern touches everywhere. Baby's breath, bourbon bottles, lace and burlap decorated the tables.  

This was one of the most unique cake displays I've ever seen! Megan and Nick took such care and consideration in all their decor and really emphasized southern charm. 

I almost squealed when I saw this trolly! It was adorable, and I especially loved the 'Just Married' banner on the back. 

The Groom was handsomely coordinated. I really loved the contrast of the dark grey vest with the lighter colored suit. 

I peeked outside the church right as the bridesmaids were bustling around, getting lined up… Anticipation was building! Megan looked so happy and excited!

The church was packed, and the ceremony began. When the doors opened and Megan started walking down the aisle to her future husband with her father on her arm, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The look on Nick's face as she walked towards him was exactly what every girl hopes to see looking back at her. It was perfect.

How gorgeous is this church?! I had no idea this beautiful gem on Bardstown road was so ornate. It was the perfect setting for a light and airy ceremony. Big thanks to the people at St. James Church.

After the ceremony and family formals, the bridal party hopped on the trolly and we headed down to St. James Court in Old Louisville for some photos. Megan and Nick just seemed lost in each other here, like there was no one else in the world. They were so sweet to watch...

Yep, that's a fun bunch right there… super great group of friends!

As soon as we arrived to Mellwood and the bride & groom made their big entrance, Megan's father gave a heartfelt speech and shared a few funny words about his daughter... Another moment where tears of joy seemed contagious. 

Nick and Megan shared their first dance as man and wife and couldn't stop smiling the entire time. I couldn't even tell you what song they danced too, but it was mesmerizing to watch. So much love!

The father daughter dance is typically where I start to tear up during the wedding day… and this day was certainly no exception. I loved watching Megan's father and how he looked at his daughter on her wedding day.

Nick and his mom seem to have a special relationship, and that is evident by their faces while they shared in a mother son dance.

Oh the toasts… Megan's sister was the maid of honor and she gave a beautiful speech. 

I'm pretty sure if you're a best man and your speech makes the bride make a face like this… that means you're awesome. It was very entertaining! 

To coordinate with the theme of the day, I opted to photograph the rings on the mini bourbon barrels. I LOVE ring shots, and if you're a frequent stalker on my blog, you know this… 

After spending about five minutes with this bridal party, I knew the reception would be a BLAST! 

Megan requested a special song towards the end of the night so she could share another dance with her groom. I thought this was so sweet… 

Not sure what the 'thumbs up' was for… but it made for a really cute photo.

Nick and Megan unknowingly planned their wedding day on the same day as Thunder Over Louisville. They incorporated the event to their special day. All the guests lined up on the balcony to watch the fireworks downtown.

Congratulations to Megan & Nick! I wish you a lifetime of happiness, and thank you again for allowing me to share your wedding day with you.