Saturday, September 27, 2014

Louisville Wedding Photographer | The Mortician & The Magician

Bella and Richard tied the not in one of the most unique wedding ceremonies I've ever photographed!!

Bella made these beautiful boxes herself to hold their wedding rings for the ceremony.


So now begins the ceremony…. there were sooooo many personal touches, which was really great to see. Sometimes a wedding ceremony can be so formal, but this one had it's very own Voodoo Priest, and yes… a casket on the theatre stage.

The casket door opens… 

… and out pops the GROOM!

What would you expect a magician to do at his own wedding? Put on a show!

The Clifton Center was an awesome Louisville wedding venue. 

The vows they spoke to each other were written on flash paper, of course, which they lit on the unity candle.

When asking the guests if there were any who felt these two should not be married…there was crowd control, just in case. 

It isn't official until it's Facebook official!


Bella changed into a gorgeous 20's inspired dress to share in their first dance as husband and wife.