Planning/Coordinating Services

So, you need some help planning and coordinating your wedding?? I'm happy to help!

As the wedding photographer, I can offer a unique vantage point. I've worked with tons of other wedding planners, and day-of coordinators... the common problem is that they don't actually know how much time is needed for photos. They can guesstimate, but they don't do what I do...

I'm offering my services and experience to help plan your wedding. I know great vendors from experience. I've worked with them and know what they can do to deliver for your wedding day.

I love planning weddings. Photographing them has been my passion for years, and getting to plan them ahead of time, only makes my job more enjoyable.

I have a collection of unique ideas and ways to make them attainable financially. My focus is creating visual interest at an affordable price. Weddings are pricey! If I can help brides create an affordable dream, that's my goal.

Personally, I hate seeing brides being pestered by vendors about placement, timelines, and pesky questions that always come up throughout the day. I have trusted coordinators in place to answer vendor issues and keep things running on time while I'm focused on photographing your day.
Your wedding day is a time for you to enjoy time with your new spouse, family and friends. You shouldn't be bothered by the little things.
Let the magic happen, instead of trying to do it all yourself.

Wedding Coordinating: $1200
*Vendor walk through
*Scheduling timelines with vendors

Wedding Planning: $1900
*vendor walk through
*multiple 'one on one' consults to discuss wedding day wants/needs
*special discounted vendor rates for exceptional preferred vendors who are phenomenal at their jobs
*coordinating vendors day of, to allow for great photo opportunities
*scheduling and confirming timelines with vendors for a relaxed wedding day
*on site day of coordinating up to 12 hours